The Minoan Tarot by Laura Perry

The Minoan Tarot deck-and-book set is available from: 

(and other Amazon platforms worldwide)

Book Depository

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as well as other good online bookstores.

It's also available in local bookstores and metaphysical shops. If your favorite shop doesn't carry The Minoan Tarot, you can ask them to order it for you.

Here's a video that showcases the art from all 86 cards - the whole deck.

Minoan Coloring Book front cover for web
Ariadne's Thread by Laura Perry
Labrys and Horns: An Introduction to Modern Minoan Paganism by Laura Perry
The Last Priestess of Malia front only f

If you're interested in the ancient Minoans, you might enjoy The Minoan Coloring Book, full of 48 of my favorite pieces of Minoan art from ancient Crete: bull-leapers, snake goddesses, blue ladies, and more!

Or you might like my books Labrys and Horns and Ariadne's Thread. They're about the world of ancient Crete and its spirituality, brought to life just for you.

How about some fiction? My historical novel The Last Priestess of Malia takes place among the Minoans of ancient Crete.

If you're interested in Modern Minoan Paganism, check out our official website then head on over to our discussion forum at Ariadne's Tribe on Facebook.

If you're looking for the Minoan Tarot deck by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, you can find it here. Ellen and I had similar ideas at roughly the same time, but she got her deck together faster than I did and got it out to the public before mine was ready. She is aware of my deck, has no issue with the name, and there is no bad blood between us. In fact, she was kind enough to contact me and let me know when her deck was being printed so I wouldn't be surprised to discover it 'out there,' since I had already built up a following for my deck on its Facebook page. Since we both came up with the idea at about the same time, I have to think our decks are something the world needs. I encourage you to acquire both decks and enjoy their unique artwork and meanings.

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