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Deck Details

Many Tarot decks come with a tiny booklet that offers snippets of meaning about each card and maybe a layout or two. The Minoan Tarot, in contrast, comes with a full-size, full-length book (176 pages) in beautiful glossy color that describes the artwork and the meaning of each card in depth. It also includes detailed instructions for several layouts (including one designed just for this deck) as well as a Minoan Fool's Journey, Elemental Journeys, and background information about Minoan culture and art.

Major Arcana cards from The Minoan Tarot spread out on a cloth

The artwork on each card also includes a word or two in Linear B, the script used by the Minoans and the Mycenaeans to write a very early form of Greek towards the end of Minoan civilization. The definition of the Linear B symbols on each card pertains to the meaning of the card and adds depth to its sense in readings.

The Minoan Tarot by Laura Perry

Check out this interview I did with Tarot maven Arwen Lynch. We talked about the creation of The Minoan Tarot and the unique artwork on the cards.

Here's another interview I did, this one with Rosemary of Good Journeys Tarot. She had some interesting questions about several of the cards.

The Minoan Tarot is available at all good online book retailers as well as brick-and-mortar bookstores and metaphysical shops.

For regular updates about this deck and fun tidbits about Tarot in general, have a look at the Minoan Tarot Facebook page. The Facebook page also includes photo albums of all the deck's artwork in varying stages of completion. Enjoy!

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