The Major Arcana

This colorful deck includes all 22 of the standard Major Arcana cards. If you're already familiar with Tarot, you'll slide seamlessly into working with this deck. If the Minoan Tarot is your first introduction to this fascinating tool for divination and meditation, you'll be able to apply what you learn from this deck to other decks you use later on.


The Major Arcana cards represent important aspects of spiritual and material life, depicted in Minoan-style artwork that shows human beings and scenes from the natural world. Take the Fool's Journey through this deck to discover your own deepest needs and desires. Follow the Labyrinth to face the Minotaur of your shadow self and return triumphant from the journey.

Each card was inspired by a work of art from the world of ancient Crete. The frescoes, jewelry, pottery and carved seal stones created by the talented Minoan artists live on in this deck. The symbology and iconography of the Minoan Tarot is drawn entirely from ancient Crete, with no intrusion from later religions or symbol systems.

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