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About the Artist

Bio of me about my art, with link to website for information about my books.

Photo of Laura Perry at her art desk surrounded by paints, markers, and other art supplies

My name is Laura Perry. I like to draw things.


I began sketching Minoan-style drawings in high school after being inspired by an art history class. I never imagined that one day I'd create an entire Tarot deck in the style of the ancient Minoan frescoes.


This deck has been a labor of love for me and it has inspired me to invest more time in my art. I don't know that I'll ever do another Tarot deck (never say never, right?) but I'll definitely keep on with the Minoan-style art. I'd love to illustrate books (besides my own) one day as well.


I love to write, but my art is also my passion. If you have a passion, tend that flame with care. Keep it burning strongly. You never know what path it might light up for you.

Potnia Press logo: two griffins in silhouette, facing each other, with a labrys in between them

You can find my books and more of my art here.

Check the social networking links at the bottom of the page for more places I like to hang out online. I hope to see you there!


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